How We Learn New Movement Skills


A major part of a Pilates Instructors’ job (and of many other practitioners in different physical movement fields) is to identify weaker or imbalanced movement patterns, across the whole body, in all different directions (or ranges of motion) and prescribe certain exercises or movements to help teach a client’s body [...]

How Glutes work and why they are so important!

2021-02-10T15:18:48+09:3026/02/2019|Exercise, Your Body|

Goldisocks and the 3 Glutes My clients know my love affair with good strong glutes and how much the ‘I found them’ face in a particular Pilates exercise makes my day. Besides keeping their butts toned and strong, and filling up the back of their pants, this work also helps them [...]

Core muscles and how Pilates can help

2021-02-10T10:21:54+09:3026/01/2019|Exercise, Pilates, Your Body|

‘Strengthen your core’ is a common recommendation from exercise professionals, physical therapists, doctors, surgeons and researchers, for an array physical concerns [1, 2]. It’s also a catch phrase for many exercise programs. But what does it mean? It refers to specific core muscles of the body that essentially work to stabilise, [...]

Exercising with intention


Stuck in an exercise rut? "I am exercising as hard as I can so why am I not getting stronger, faster, better?" This is a common one. A new client starts with us and joins the group classes. Let's call them Jill. We have 3 very distinct levels, with the Intro [...]

Pilates for fitness

2021-02-10T11:28:35+09:3019/10/2016|Exercise, Pilates|

Whilst many of our clients come to us for pain and injury management, Pilates is also an awesome way to gain and maintain fitness. Working on the spring loaded machines means that even in a group class we can cater to the individuals goals. Pilates machines are known to develop long, [...]

Cross Training with Pilates

2021-02-10T11:42:05+09:3005/07/2016|Exercise, Balance, Self Care|

It's the Dry season here in the tropical North. That means we all move outdoors and enjoy the cooler nights and perfect sunny days. What a great time to move to the tune of your own song, take up a new exercise regime, join the tennis club, run the beach or [...]

Pilates for life

2021-02-10T11:54:02+09:3022/01/2015|Exercise, Healing, Pilates, Self Care|

During 2014 I have had the sobering opportunity to work with Robertson Barracks Soldier Recovery Unit (SRU). Twice a week a team of their most injured service people would come into the studio to learn the art of Pilates. The time I have spent with these guys has both warmed my [...]

Stomach Massage on the Cadillac

2021-02-10T12:04:21+09:3019/01/2015|Exercise, Pilates, Self Care, Your Body|

Stomach massage on the Cadillac is a flowing, beautiful exercise. It demands hip extensor control and fluid spinal articulation. It's one of my go to exercises prior to teaching. It awakens my spine and has me ready to focus on the class ahead. A great exercise for axial elongation and literally [...]

Let’s start at the beginning

2021-02-10T12:13:26+09:3016/01/2015|Exercise, Pilates, Your Body|

Starting something new can be daunting. I remember when I attended my first Pilates class. My background in sport and fitness meant that I was used to being good at my pursuits. I was also used to pushing through pain. That's normal right? No pain, no gain. I left that first [...]

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