Pilates, Spine Health, and You: Navigating the Neutral Spine VS Natural Alignment Debate

2024-06-10T17:15:52+09:3010/06/2024|Balance, Pilates, Self Care, Your Body|

Welcome to the world of Pilates, where the spine takes center stage and every movement honors alignment and strength. If you've explored this serene practice, you've likely encountered the terms 'neutral spine' and 'natural alignment.' But what do they truly mean for your practice, and why are they so essential? Understanding [...]

Why flat feet are deflating your pelvic floor

2023-06-08T03:23:11+09:3008/06/2023|Balance, Pilates, Your Body|

As a pilates teacher, you are aware that having a strong and healthy pelvic floor is crucial for both men and women. However, you may not realise that flat feet, or fallen arches, can have a direct impact on pelvic floor tone. The arches of the feet provide a neuro feedback [...]

Why Social Media is Toxic

2022-02-22T14:01:41+09:3010/02/2021|Self Care, Balance|

Do you ever find yourself in a scroll time warp? Do you have to make a conscious effort NOT to open your social media channel? Do you jump on ‘just to post a quick pic’ and then realise you’ve been scrolling mindlessly for 15, 20, 30 minutes or more? Well, you’ll [...]

Pilates, Posture, and Wonkiness

2021-02-12T00:31:54+09:3008/05/2019|Balance, Pilates|

Definition: Wonky/ 'wonki'/ adjective not straight; crooked or askew synonyms: crooked, off centre, lopsided, askew, skew, skew-whiff (of a thing), unsteady, shaky, unstable, rocky, not functioning correctly; faulty. "I enjoy good health apart from my wonky knees". Definition: Posture/ ' posta'/ noun the position in which someone holds their body [...]

Cross Training with Pilates

2021-02-10T11:42:05+09:3005/07/2016|Exercise, Balance, Self Care|

It's the Dry season here in the tropical North. That means we all move outdoors and enjoy the cooler nights and perfect sunny days. What a great time to move to the tune of your own song, take up a new exercise regime, join the tennis club, run the beach or [...]

Knowledge is life

2021-02-10T11:50:58+09:3020/04/2015|Self Care, Balance, Pilates|

Learning is the epitome of living. Every day I take home something new from a client, a fellow instructor or from movement patterns I realise in my own body. And every day I give thanks to how lucky I am to have found a profession that I am more passionate about [...]

A word from Selva Dutton

2021-02-10T11:52:10+09:3016/02/2015|Self Care, Balance, Healing|

Life translator, healer, medium and public speaker My aim is to help people improve their lives and teach them how to accept their spirituality and accept themselves in every way. We all are spirits having a physical experience and we don't live in a Spiritual world so we need to be balanced and [...]

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