Ready to take your fitness journey to the next level?

Learn how to choose the perfect Pilates reformer class for your body and goals with our expert tips.

Whether you’re new to Pilates or ready to elevate your practice, Encore is here to guide you. We recognise the importance of choosing the right class level for your growth and development in Pilates.

Our classes cater to a diverse range of experience levels, from beginners to advanced students. With three distinct class levels, we’re dedicated to helping you succeed on your Pilates journey. Our focus is not just putting you on a reformer; we’re committed to ensuring you truly learn Pilates.

Pilates has the power to transform your life, but it’s crucial to follow the principles established by Jo Pilates’ original disciples over 100 years ago. As Pilates has evolved, numerous variations have emerged. At Encore Pilates, we strive to blend traditional values with our ever-evolving understanding of the body.

Now, let’s explore the levels of our reformer classes, so you can determine the perfect fit for your Pilates journey.

Understanding Our Pilates Reformer Class Levels

For those new to the reformer, our Intro class is the ideal starting point. It’s a free class for all new clients and those graduating from semi-privates/one-on-ones. The Intro Class is designed to introduce you to the unique mechanics of the reformer machine and learn some basic foundational moves. We think of it as a test drive, an opportunity for you to see if it resonates with you and your body.


Our next level, Align, is a foundation class focusing on the core Pilates principles, alignment, breath control, and concentration. It’s suitable for all fitness levels, including pregnancy, and is an ideal step for new students and those graduating from semi-privates. This class offers modifications and advancements, ensuring a tailored experience that respects your body’s abilities and limitations. Our goal here is to carve out a path for your Pilates success. It’s a class that you may find yourself returning to, a comforting reminder of the importance of strong foundations.


Moving up a level, we offer Flow, an intermediate class that focuses on coordination, balance, flow, precision, and full-body integration. Be prepared to challenge yourself with planks, push-ups and inversions. Props can add an extra challenge, but modifications are always available as an alternative to progressions. This class isn’t recommended for pregnancy or pain management. If you have any limitations, our team is always on hand to discuss if this class fits your needs. Flow is there to strengthen your body and challenge your mind, a beautiful blend of physical and mental conditioning.


Last but by no means least, we have Strength, an intermediate to advanced level class that zeroes in on strength, cardio, endurance, and resilience. You might find yourself working with small hand weights, bands, the jump board, and other props for an added layer of challenge and fun. This class is not suitable for beginners, during pregnancy, or those needing continual modifications. It’s a fast-paced class, designed to challenge those who are confident in their Pilates journey and have a solid understanding of their body’s capabilities. But remember, you’re not in this class to become strong – you’re here because you already are strong.

“Take a deep breath. Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off, and start all over again.”

If you find yourself in a level that doesn’t quite suit you, don’t worry. We’re here to provide guidance. Our instructors have undergone extensive pilates training, boasting some of the highest qualifications in the country. We are proud to be recognized by the Pilates Association of Australia for our excellence. Rest assured, our recommendations for a different level or our semi-private service are not intended to hold you back or humiliate you. We engage in these conversations because we genuinely care about you, your body, and the integrity of our teaching.

When learning how to move well, it’s common to receive corrections from your instructor or be told that you’re not there yet. This can feel discouraging like you’ll never reach your goals. But remember, “there” is where you are right now, in that moment of discomfort, clumsiness, or uncertainty. It’s important to embrace that moment, to repeat that concept and practice it over and over again, rather than rushing to move forward or anxiously striving for the next level. By focusing on the present and fully immersing yourself in the process, you’ll make progress and achieve your goals in due time.

The aim of Pilates is not simply attending a Strength class or achieving the highest level at any studio. The true objective of Pilates lies in mastering the very essence of the practice. You see, a Strength class does not make you strong; rather, you attend it because you already possess strength. Being strong entails moving with grace, efficiency, poise, control, and precision in all directions. It means transcending the limitations imposed by your body, such as a tight back hindering Short Spine, inflexible hamstrings impeding Control Balance, or weak abdominals challenging The Hundreds. In our Strength class, your body serves as your guiding light, while it is the mind that you must now conquer.

We understand that navigating a new studio can be confusing, especially with the variety of reformer versions available. However, it’s important to note that a reformer studio is not synonymous with a Pilates studio. Simply using any reformer won’t provide the full benefits that Pilates promises. Unfortunately, there are franchise establishments that have deviated from the true essence of Pilates, but we differentiate ourselves from them and uphold the core principles of this practice.

Encore Pilates and Wellness is home to Pilates Pro Academy, a renowned Pilates training school. We proudly stand among the select group of seven schools recognized by the Pilates industry as preferred educators. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to the authentic essence of Pilates. When you train with us, you’ll immerse yourself in the complete Pilates method, free from any marketing gimmicks. Join us on the reformer and embrace the genuine Pilates experience!

Pilates can be challenging, my friend, but the rewards are truly life-changing for those willing to embrace the journey. It has a way of humbling us, revealing our vulnerabilities, all while providing the support and guidance needed to unlock our true potential. As the iconic Frank Sinatra once said, “Take a deep breath. Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off, and start all over again.” Let these words inspire you to persevere and embark on a new beginning.

Our instructors are dedicated to guiding you towards the perfect class that suits your body’s unique needs. We prioritize your journey in Pilates, valuing grace and ease over rushing to the most challenging level. This is a lifelong pursuit, and if we ever suggest a different class, it stems from our love and respect for your body, and our commitment to the integrity of our work.

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