Post Natal

How to Recover from C-section

2021-02-10T10:16:23+09:3021/01/2019|Healing, Post Natal|

As a Pilates instructor I just assumed that I would have the ideal birth. I looked after my pregnant body with daily exercise and meditation and I nourished myself from the garden. I hired a Doula to act as my spokesperson and I took the last 3 months off work to [...]

Beyond the baby bump

2021-02-10T11:21:59+09:3005/12/2017|Post Natal|

The pregnant woman is an amazing being. She grows a human inside her very own body. From 2 cells divided, a baby will be born in no more than 9 months. This is the most wonderful feat of every living being, to produce another of its kind, and for that we [...]

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