Helpful Quick Videos for you to follow at home.

3 minutes to stronger legs

Standing leg work for strong knees. Strength requires a mixture of movement (dynamic) and static exercises. It doesn’t take long but it does take consistency.

• 2-3 minutes
• on the mat

Wrist Release

Tired hands and wrists from computer work?
Take a break and feel better for it.

• 6 minutes
• no equipment required

Pilates for Prolapse

Good movement is important for women with prolapse.

• 6 minutes
• utilising large fitball and wall

Breathe better, move easier.

Take a moment out of your day to move your spine.

• 4 minutes
• use a foam roller or broom handle as a prop if you have it

Hedgehog Leg Release

• 14 minutes
• on the mat with 2 hedgehogs

Hedgehog Foot Release

• 19 minutes
• using 2 hedgehogs