Clinical Pilates in the Studio

One-on-One or Semi-Private Appointments


If you are looking for individualised care and attention to reach a specific goal, then Clinical Pilates in our Studio is for you!

Your teacher will work with you to identify key areas for improvement and design a personalised program just for you.

You can expect to achieve better posture, stronger more efficient movement patterns, and a long term pain-free lifestyle.

ONE HOUR | $135

• Focused, one-on-one session with one of our expert teachers
• Gain a clear understanding how Pilates will benefit you
• Personalised Plan to help you meet your goals
• Learn which services will best suit you
• Basic home program to get you started

One-on-One Sessions


For pain, injuries or intensive instruction.

• Focused, personal attention and instructions from one of our expert teachers.

• Gain an understanding of the what, how, and why of what is going on with your body.

Semi-Private Sessions


A small group with a maximum of 4 participants. This is the most popular option for the studio setting.

Individualised programming and thoughtful exercise prescription specifically for you.

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When I commenced I was physically and emotionally very low. Through regular visits, not only my body has grown in strength but my mind and spirit also. I have even made new friends from among other people who attend the sessions. Encore has become an integral part of my weekly routine, reduces stress and builds vitality.

One-on-One Session Packages

10 x 1 HOUR SESSIONS | $1160
6 x 1 HOUR SESSIONS | $750

Semi-Private Session Packages

10 x 1 HOUR SESSIONS | $620
6 X 1 HOUR SESSIONS | $408


Memberships are our most popular option for clients who are looking to make positive changes in their lives with Pilates with the ease of payments made from direct debit or credit card on a fortnightly basis.

We have curated memberships to suit your needs and make coming to Pilates a no brainer. Members can prebook on the app or set a recurring schedule with our friendly team for the entire contract.

Membership includes 2 x gift passes for your friends and family; A birthday gift from us; 10% off retail; 15% off workshops; exclusive events & promotions

Put on hold for up to 4 weeks; paid fortnightly; Access to our branded booking app

Who is Clinical Pilates for?


Pain is often associated with poor compensatory patterns from injury, postural habits or repetitive movements.

Our instructors will teach you better movement patterns, correct joint placement and help you develop long, strong muscle tone that is both functional and efficient from the inside out.


If you are an athlete, semi-professional sports person or have a specific sports goal, Pilates Therapy can set you apart from your competitors.

With a focus on better, more efficient movement patterns, Pilates Therapy will give you endurance and improve your technique.

Used as a cross training form of exercise for elite athletes, an individually tailored program will give you the edge to succeed.


Studies have shown that people who attend a specific exercise program pre surgery have a much higher rate of success with recovery post surgery. Any surgical procedure is a major invasion to your body and preparation is key for successful long term health.

With a focus on injury support and safe movement practices, we will work on core strength and improved function.

Following your surgery we will support you on your way to optimal strength and mobility with a focussed, individualised program.


If you are currently going through cancer treatment or struggling with autoimmune issues, Pilates is a gentle, thoughtful movement practice that can keep you exercising during healing.

If you are in remission or post treatment, have had surgery or prefer individual care, our instructors will cater to your needs either one on one or in a small group class so that you can exercise at your own capacity and feel empowered and motivated.

Current research has shown that gentle movement has a strong correlation to the effectiveness of chemotherapy.


These include Multiple Sclerosis, brain injuries, Parkinsons, stroke, spinal cord injuries and any condition that effects the nervous system or neural pathways from the brain to body. Pilates can help you achieve better proprioception (understanding where your body is in space), improved motor skills, increased spatial awareness and general strength and conditioning.

Encore Pilates instructors take the time to educate you on why you may be feeling or not feeling things. They have the education and experience to help you succeed on your journey towards better, stronger movement.


Although an exciting time of your life, pregnancy can often be overwhelming. If you are suffering back pain, pelvic pain, sciatica or incontinence – or you just need to move – we will teach and support you right up until the final phase of your pregnancy.

We can help you stay strong and supple, guide you through the challenges of each trimester and provide safe options as your body changes.

Pilates also prepares you for a connected birth experience and supports a faster recovery.

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely. We have a growing number of men attending Pilates Therapy with us. In fact we currently have two male instructors in training.

Pilates Therapy was developed by a man and is being recognised more and more as the choice for injury prevention and rehabilitation for everyone.

Our youngest client is 8 years old and our oldest client is 87.

Pilates Therapy is individually tailored specifically to your needs so age is no barrier. We see young gymnasts, middle age brick layers and elderly people pre and post surgery.

While consistency is key for your optimum benefit, we operate 7 days a week and our staff are on hand to find a schedule that suits you.

Our senior instructors are registered with industry bodies and Clinical Pilates is claimable by some health funds.

Check with your provider and find out if you can claim.

All studio instructors are Diploma level trained with a minimum of 500 study hours under their belt.

Pilates Therapy is specifically for people who need help with pain, injury or complex conditions. As with anything, you get what you pay for and our instructors are absolutely committed to your success.

Comfortable active wear and a fresh pair of socks is all you need. We sell grip socks for your comfort or you can bring your own.

Socks are worn for good hygiene, so please make sure they are clean.

If you have any reports or a handover from your specialist please bring it to your assessment and we will add it to your file.

We provide you with towels and filtered water. You are welcome to bring a water bottle and fill it up if you like.

Let us design a personalised program just for you