If you are injured, in pain or prefer some individualised attention contact us to book in for an initial assessment.

From there we have a few options to give you a good foundation.

If you are looking for group fitness, check out our 10 day class pass for only $60. The pass activates on the first day you attend and gives you a chance to try all the group options including reformer, mat and barre. Definitely book in for Intro reformer as your first class.

The easiest way to book a class or session is through our mobile app for Apple or Google Play.

No worries. We are injury specialists.

Our studio services (one on ones and semi privates) are the perfect option to teach you how to move better with less pain, gain strength and understand how to look after yourself long term.

We don’t recommend the group classes for injury care.

We are happy to put your class pass on hold so you can purchase a studio (semi private or one on one) pass and rehabilitate.

Once you are good to go back to group class we will reactivate the pass for you.

Unfortunately we do not offer transfers on any of our passes.  You have a couple of options:

1) Use the pass you currently have and then move across to another service or

2) if you are injured and not able to go to group class we will put your pass on hold while we help get you better with a studio pass so you can go back to group.

Congratulations! If you already have a class pass just continue to book in.

Throughout your pregnancy you can go to barre basics and reformer align. If you have any niggles along the way we may reassess what service is most suitable.

We see pregnancy as an opportunity for you to embrace your body and reformer align classes or studio semi privates are both great for you.

There’s no need to stop coming!

Yes. Each pass has an expiry date from the day you purchase it and we will send you reminders along the way so you have plenty of notice.

We give you up to 4 months to use a 10 pack so you have plenty of time to use the pass.

Remember consistency is key and if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.

The only time we extend passes is if you purchase another one and we can put the old classes onto the new pass with the new expiry date.

We will offer to put your contract on hold until you are well enough to resume.

In the meantime an alternative service may be appropriate and we can discuss this on a case by case basis to get you back on track.

Well, you better get a move on and use up those passes then!

We can help book you in or you can jump on the app and make the most of your pass.

Otherwise you could always gift it to a friend as a farewell.

Yes. We can add one person onto your pass so you can share it.

But not if you are on any contract or subscription, including VIP Lounge. These are for single person use.

Absolutely. The easiest thing to do is jump online, purchase a voucher and send it from our online store directly to their mailbox.

Alternatively pop in studio and we can write one out for you.

If we don’t have a working relationship with your doctor they probably don’t realise that we are referred to by medical specialists when people have complex injuries, need support pre and post surgery or are living with disease.

We are more than happy to discuss a management plan with your doctor so that we can work together for your better health.

Current studies show that Pilates is beneficial for most injuries and disease and our studio services specialise in rehab and our staff have been working with injuries since 2007.

Contract Terms & Conditions

Contracts apply to those clients who have entered into an agreement to be direct-debited on a fortnightly basis. 

Membership contracts include 2 friend for free passes to gift to your friends and family. The pass is for group reformer or mat classes and are to be gifted to current non members and new customers only.

Your gifted friend simply needs to create a profile on the booking system and then you can email us so we can add your friend pass to their account.

Contracts automatically renew after the initial period (i.e. 6 or 12 months)

If a client chooses not to rollover they must email us 2 weeks prior to the payment date to terminate the contract.

Once the contract rolls over it will generate a new term that is equal to the initial term (i.e. 6 months).

Each time the contract rolls over the client will automatically receive 2 friend for free passes to be used during the term of the contract.

A copy of the contract is available on the Mindbody desktop version. Clients can login using their email go to MY ACCOUNT > scroll down to name of contract > VIEW.

A contract can be purchased online in the desktop version of Mindbody > SHOP > CONTRACTS/PACKAGES or on the app > AUTOPAY. You must be logged in to purchase.

A client can request to change to a different contract at any stage in which case the current contract will be terminated and a new contract will be signed for a full term form the date of change over.

A contract can be suspended for leave. Leave can be requested in writing to at a minimum of 1 week prior to the leave dates. Clients should take into account payment dates and request leave at least 1 week prior to a payment is automatically debited relative to the leave requested. In the event of contract suspension, the contract end date will then move to allow for completion of the term (i.e. a 6 month contract that is suspended for 2 payment cycles will still be liable to complete the payment cycles on their return, pushing the final date back by 2 payment cycles ).

Contracts can not be transferred or refunded and must be paid in full.

You can opt to hand over your contract to a friend or family member for them to complete. Please email the studio for details

Contracts can not be transferred for a different service

In the event of injury, clients on group class can suspend the contract and purchase a studio semi private pack to use for rehabilitation until you are well enough to return to group class where the contract will come out of suspension and the term completed.

New members are encouraged to join our mailing list to stay up to date with events and offers.

Click here!

Fitness Pilates

Purchase a 10 day class pass to try out all mat and reformer classes and see what’s best for you. Your 10 days start on the first day you attend class.

We highly recommend all new clients start with our beginner mat class or intro reformer class. Once you have mastered the foundations, you can explore the other levels and know that you have set yourself up for long term success.

If you are pregnant and your health care professional is happy for you to continue exercise we encourage you to book into our Intro reformer and Reformer Align options.

None of our group classes cater to injury. So that we can give you the attention you deserve we recommend you book in for an initial assessment in studio. With some individualised care we can work with you towards the goal of having you join the group mat classes.

Yes! Our memberships are released throughout the year, starting in January with a bang. Subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on social media to be the first to hear about exclusive memberships as they are released.

Memberships give you access to all of our group classes including reformer fitness and a variety of mat classes.

Corporate Pilates

Yep we can do. If you have a space suitable for your group we can come to you at a time that suits. Alternatively we can host your class in studio, the choice is yours.

It’s up to you. Most corporate classes run for a term of 6-8 weeks but we can work with you to find a schedule that works.

It’s totally up to you. Some groups run with 4, others have 20.

We will send one instructor for every 10 attendees to make sure you get the most out of your experience.

Clinical Pilates in our Studio

Absolutely. We have a growing number of men attending Pilates Therapy with us. In fact we currently have two male instructors in training.

Pilates Therapy was developed by a man and is being recognised more and more as the choice for injury prevention and rehabilitation for everyone.

Our youngest client is 8 years old and our oldest client is 87.

Pilates Therapy is individually tailored specifically to your needs so age is no barrier. We see young gymnasts, middle aged bricklayers and elderly people pre and post surgery.

While consistency is key for your optimum benefit, we operate 7 days a week and our staff are on hand to find a schedule that suits you.

Our senior instructors are registered with industry bodies and Pilates Therapy is claimable by some health funds.

Check with your provider and find out if you can claim.

All studio instructors are Diploma level trained with a minimum of 500 study hours under their belt.

Pilates Therapy is specifically for people who need help with pain, injury or complex conditions. As with anything, you get what you pay for and our instructors are absolutely committed to your success.

Comfortable active wear and a fresh pair of socks is all you need. We sell grip socks for your comfort or you can bring your own.

Socks are worn for hygiene purposes, so please make sure they are clean.

If you have any reports or a handover from your specialist please bring it to your assessment and we will add it to your file.

We provide you with towels and filtered water. You are welcome to bring a water bottle and fill it up if you like.

Kids Pilates

Please check with our friendly staff to find out about our current Kids Pilates schedule.

You are welcome to join in at any stage of the term and pay the remainder of the term fees. You will only be charged for the remaining weeks on the schedule at $15 per week.

Pilates for Pregnancy and After

Absolutely. Give us a call and we can help you choose the service that is best for you regardless of how many weeks pregnant you are.

Let’s book you in studio for an initial assessment and discuss the best option for you. After the assessment your Pilates teacher will provide a best path forward.

Yes. If you have a sore lower back, pelvic pain or other niggly bits, we want you to book in for an initial assessment in studio. All of our studio services are suitable for you, rather than group reformer classes.

Massage at Encore Pilates

Absolutely. We recommend you book your massage following your Pilates class. That way you are warm and supple so our massage will go deeper and have greater benefits.

Not all of our massage therapists offer rebates.

If claiming matters to you, please let us know so we can help you with your booking.

Yes. You can enjoy a massage from 2nd trimester. We have specially designed pregnancy pillows to keep you comfortable at all stages of your pregnancy.

We love to teach you how to move your body and stimulate your brain. Not in Darwin? No problem. Pilates classes created by our master trainer Katie Crane are now available online for you to follow at home, wherever you live.