Exploring Pilates: Understanding Its Core Principles

2024-04-17T01:07:07+09:3017/04/2024|Pilates, Self Care, Your Body|

In one of our episodes in The Pilates Lounge, we discussed the Principles of Pilates. The Pilates Lounge is your sanctuary for achieving balance, breath, and mindful movement. I am Katie, your guide on this transformative journey into Pilates—a method that transcends mere exercise to celebrate the capabilities of our bodies. [...]

The 6 guiding principles of Pilates


The essence of Pilates, the principles that drive our practice, and the wisdom of Joseph Pilates and his students. Joe Pilates work was built upon three fundamental principles: Breath, whole-body health, and whole-body commitment, encompassing mind, body, and spirit. These principles are the foundation of everything we do in Pilates. Mary [...]

Can tight neck muscles affect vagus nerve?

2023-08-18T04:49:41+09:3018/08/2023|Healing, Pain management, Pilates|

What the neck! The sternocleidomastoid (SCM) muscle, located in the cervical region, plays a crucial role in neck mobility and posture. Tightness in this muscle is a common issue among women in peri-menopause and menopause, primarily due to hormonal fluctuations and age-related stiffness. This can potentially impact the function of the [...]

Why flat feet are deflating your pelvic floor

2023-06-08T03:23:11+09:3008/06/2023|Balance, Pilates, Your Body|

As a pilates teacher, you are aware that having a strong and healthy pelvic floor is crucial for both men and women. However, you may not realise that flat feet, or fallen arches, can have a direct impact on pelvic floor tone. The arches of the feet provide a neuro feedback [...]

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