Why you can’t beet a root

Breathe properly, stay curious and eat your beets - Tom Robbins What comes to mind when you think of beetroot? Earth - dirt - stained tablecloth - purple juice. How about chocolate? Now before you swipe that thought from your mind let's have another think about it. Doesn't cacao have that similar earthy texture and taste to it as beetroot does? The dark, bold flavour that [...]

The miracle of magnesium

“Magnesium deficiency can produce symptoms of anxiety or depression, including muscle weakness, fatigue, eye twitches, insomnia, anorexia, apathy, apprehension, poor memory, confusion, anger, nervousness, and rapid pulse.” ― Carolyn Dean, The Magnesium Miracle Did you know that magnesium is responsible for over 600 cellular functions in the body every single day?  Did you know that Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body yet 70% of [...]

The truth about inflammation

“Do you know what breakfast cereal is made of? It's made of all those little curly wooden shavings you find in pencil sharpeners!” ― Roald Dahl Learning to to move well Do you ever feel like you are taking one step forwards, followed by two steps back? Or maybe you stumble over your goals and slide down the slippery slope of trying to do it all? Does [...]

Water in a toxic World

We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one - Jacques Yves Cousteau Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong era? Looking down the supermarket isles do you see any food options or do you see brightly packaged goods that will eventually kill us? Our family will rarely go to the big supermarkets - and certainly not purchasing anything [...]

Ketogenic pumpkin loaf

Keto Pumpkin Loaf “Inflammation ages you from the inside out by eating away at your telomeres, the caps protecting the ends of your chromosomes. Every time a chromosome divides, its telomere shortens. So telomere length is not only a sign of how old you are, but also a measure of how well your body is aging. Think of telomeres like the tips on the ends of [...]

Auto-immune blues, birthing twins and my journey to health

An intimate story from Katie, her journey to health and how Pilates helped her healing Pilates has been in my lounge room since 2006! I had received a package from my Mum with a note saying “You have to try out the Windsor Pilates DVD, let me know what you think of the pilates 100 exercise!!!!" She went on to say the classes have helped her [...]

Meet Melanie North

When you first meet Mel, don’t be fooled by her sweet smile. Our smiling assassin has many years of experience and plenty of know how. Her quiet disposition will sneak up on you and make you work hard despite her gentle nature.  Mel is our newest family member and her  journey to us has been serendipitous – she contacted me on the final hour before Debora [...]

Bone broth for optimal health

‘The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease’ - Thomas Edison I often sing praises of bone broth to my clients. Many people seem to have heard of bone broth but not many have ventured down the path of home made broth. Making [...]

What is Physical Therapy and who is it for?

Why Physical therapy? Pilates comes under many a guise. It may be a fitness based mat or reformer class - choreographed (sometimes to music), all participants doing the same thing and enjoying the fundamental inclusions that this system of exercise offers. Pilates could be with a physio or osteo – a dry, dull version of stale movements never intended to inspire, repeated for clinical practices only.  [...]

Marrying Kinesiology and Pilates

I like to focus on empowering people to help themselves maintain their health and well-being. When I work with people with physical pain, part of the treatment is to improve their alignment and activate muscles to work better. I like to use Pilates exercises to help clients maintain and improve their alignment and function so they can live pain free in the long term. Did you [...]

We love to teach you how to move your body and stimulate your brain. Not in Darwin? No problem. Pilates classes created by our master trainer Katie Crane are now available online for you to follow at home, wherever you live.

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