An intimate story from Katie, her journey to health and how Pilates helped her healing

Pilates has been in my lounge room since 2006! I had received a package from my Mum with a note saying “You have to try out the Windsor Pilates DVD, let me know what you think of the pilates 100 exercise!!!!” She went on to say the classes have helped her pain in her lower back and she now has a stronger core, feels energised – sounded awesome.

Over the weeks my Mum would call and ask me if I had tried out the classes and I would make up excuses as to why I hadn’t gotten to them. Those DVD sat next to my TV for way too long. Finally I watched the 1st DVD while I was cooking dinner that night – who does that?.. watches an exercise video whilst cooking food. talk about procrastination! I heard the instructor talk about this move my Mum had mentioned and it piqued my interest.

I lay down in front of the television and tried out this one exercise, 100’s. What a name. But honestly I could barely lift my head and shoulders off the floor, my legs were flailing around and my arms pumping like there was no tomorrow.’Keep Calm and Carry’ on my inner voice screamed! Damn you Mum, now I’ve got to get this right. I practised in my lounge room 3-4 times a week, working my way through the sessions from side lying to seated series, Spine Stretch and the Saw. I could feel the benefits working my body from inside out, increasing energy, improving my digestion, and bringing awareness of my core muscles. These DVD’s were my new binge – me time.

Fast forward to 2011, we had the greatest surprise – I’m pregnant with identical twins! Myself and my husband were ecstatic with the news. I knew I had to stay strong during the pregnancy, to cope with the weight gain of carrying twins.

Living in Adelaide, Queen Street Pilates was my first studio experience. It was beautiful, with small props and Pilates machines. I never even realised Pilates on equipment was a thing? I had only ever done it on a mat but this was exactly what my growing body needed – to support my changing needs and to give me some blissful time to myself.
My teacher was kind and intuitive, catering to my personal needs and knowing just when to push me and when to pander.

Once the twins arrived, I would try and attend some pilates sessions, when I had care from my girls, but more than often I would find myself cancelling my class and sadly Pilates faded from my life. We moved to Singapore and with the arrival of a son my Pilates time turned in to market time – seeking fresh produce to nourish my new family, enjoying the locally sourced Asian flavours and walking 3 babies in a pram around congested streets. The lack of personalised exercise sent my body into a tizzy and my old aches and pains returned.

I had weak knees a very sore/tight upper back and from time to time my lower back would ache. I day dreamed of returning to Pilates so when we relocated to Darwin I sought out expert help and was recommended Encore Pilates by my local fitness instructor.

The rest is history; from the first day I walked into the studio I knew this was the place I needed to be. Joining a reformer class once a week I meet some great gals and teachers and a vibe that I couldn’t get enough of. Shortly after joining the studio I signed up with Body Organics Education to study the Reformer Fitness certificates and over the two years completed – Mat Pilates, reformer fitness, Pilates for anatomy, Pilates for neurological conditions, Barre Attack and loads of in house hours working alongside professional health teachers/therapists. I will always be thankful for their continuous support and sharing of knowledge.

For me Pilates is a mind-body exercise, and can address many issues including lower back pain, emotional/fatigue stress, autoimmune dis-eases, joint pain, pre-post-surgery, pregnancy, neurological conditions. Pilates is my own personal one stop shop. Over the years I have visited many skin specialists in Australia, Japan and Singapore. Dr’s forever giving me new scripts for topical creams, cortisones, UVB ray treatment, tare-based ointment and toxic treatments including methotrexate (prescribe for treating cancer cells). I participated in a study when I was going through puberty steroid tablets that made my body swell and submitted myself to nearly 3 decades of poison in my body, seeking answers but only ever being pushed drugs to hide the symptoms.

Today, I steer clear of prescriptions pushed by the pharmaceutical industry for my autoimmune dis-ease and I have nearly cured my own body with small diet changes and practicing Pilates every week. Pilates really has changed my whole being and has been instrumental in healing my inflammation.

I know first hand that Pilates is not just about a string of exercises. It’s about listening and looking and considering the individual body’s needs a good Pilates teacher will forever be changing your movement exercises to address or target how your body is feeling on the day. The Pilates industry is constantly growing and changing and that is one of the factors that keeps me wanting to learn and study my craft.

For my clients, I want them to feel welcome, to find a place in the studio that makes them feel at home with their body, to support them with reaching their goals

To all of the Mums out there who want to return to exercise I purely recommend the studio for physical therapy where we can cater to you and you can bring bubs along! From experience, the one on one attention makes a World of difference to your recovery.

Katie is available by appointment during the week (she has 3 kids to manage on the weekends). So if you are pregnant, a new mum or are living with auto-immune and want to work with Katie in person jump on the app and book in under appointments. Or click on this link and go to our desktop booking system. New clients start with an initial assessment and then move on to one on ones or semi privates.

Did you now that all of our movement therapists specialise in complex conditions, chronic pain and pre and post surgery? Our team of expert educators will help you work towards your goals in a safe and supported environment. Physical therapy is a type of exercise rehabilitation based on traditional Pilates values with a proven track record that is suitable for every body.