Self Care

Reflections on Soul Fitness: A Dance with Life Itself

2024-07-16T01:49:24+09:3016/07/2024|Pilates, Self Care|

I recently had the privilege of gaining deeper insights into Soul Fitness Mind Body Studios through a meaningful conversation with Lisa Babiak on our last Podcast Episode. This discussion resonated long after it ended, leaving a lasting impression of inspiration. Lisa Babiak is a prominent figure in the fitness and wellness [...]

Pilates, Spine Health, and You: Navigating the Neutral Spine VS Natural Alignment Debate

2024-06-10T17:15:52+09:3010/06/2024|Balance, Pilates, Self Care, Your Body|

Welcome to the world of Pilates, where the spine takes center stage and every movement honors alignment and strength. If you've explored this serene practice, you've likely encountered the terms 'neutral spine' and 'natural alignment.' But what do they truly mean for your practice, and why are they so essential? Understanding [...]

Discover your Flow in Pilates

2024-05-27T17:40:41+09:3027/05/2024|Pilates, Self Care, Your Body|

"Flow is a state in which people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter." - Katie Crane Beneath the routine of daily life, there's a magnetism drawing us to something dynamic, something that harmonizes the mind and body. For many, this attraction is met by the [...]

Exploring Pilates: Understanding Its Core Principles

2024-04-17T01:07:07+09:3017/04/2024|Pilates, Self Care, Your Body|

In one of our episodes in The Pilates Lounge, we discussed the Principles of Pilates. The Pilates Lounge is your sanctuary for achieving balance, breath, and mindful movement. I am Katie, your guide on this transformative journey into Pilates—a method that transcends mere exercise to celebrate the capabilities of our bodies. [...]

The 3am wake up call

2023-03-13T14:58:36+09:3013/03/2023|Self Care, Uncategorized, Your Body|

It may be common but it's not normal At my women's retreat, one topic that is often spoken about is women who wake up around three o'clock in the morning every single night and they just can't figure out what's going wrong. Now, there's a few things that could be happening, [...]

Creating little tiny habits to make big life changes

2023-01-24T11:46:18+09:3024/01/2023|Self Care|

Not only are tiny habits more sustainable, they feel great from the get go and they are more likely to lead to bigger life changes along the way. There's no doubt about it, good habits are important. But keeping good habits going long term can be really tough and sometimes, instead [...]

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