Bone broth for optimal health

2021-07-07T21:03:37+09:3007/07/2021|Healing, Self Care|

‘The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease’ - Thomas Edison I often sing praises of bone broth to my clients. Many people seem to have heard of [...]

When meditation is mastered

2021-07-05T17:03:30+09:3008/04/2021|Meditation, Self Care|

And how consistent meditation practice can improve your life Meditation has guided me since I was 14 years old. My Mum introduced me with a weekend course and the practice has woven through my life as one of my greatest influencers, my most consistent practices, my most fulfilling experiences. At the [...]

Why Inflammation is beating you

2021-07-05T17:04:07+09:3010/02/2021|Healing, Pilates, Self Care, Your Body|

And when to say no to alcohol… Let’s say you fall over and fracture a bone or ‘pull’ a muscle. Your body is sore and tender and you don’t want to put any weight on it – an indication of the area being inflamed. The experience sucked (no doubt) so you [...]

Why Social Media is Toxic

2021-07-05T17:04:36+09:3010/02/2021|Balance, Self Care|

Do you ever find yourself in a scroll time warp? Do you have to make a conscious effort NOT to open your social media channel? Do you jump on ‘just to post a quick pic’ and then realise you’ve been scrolling mindlessly for 15, 20, 30 minutes or more? Well, you’ll [...]

Finding the right Pilates studio for you

2021-07-05T17:05:10+09:3001/12/2019|Pilates, Self Care|

As a teacher of teachers I travel interstate to share my knowledge and to create strong, informed communities of Pilates professionals. I meet such amazing, inspiring educators everywhere I go. The level of expertise is refreshing, the desire to learn and do good by our industry is humbling and everywhere I [...]

The emotion of pain

2021-02-10T15:01:59+09:3021/09/2019|Self Care, Your Body|

Is it possible to identify with your pain so intimately that it becomes a part of your identity? What would happen if you didn’t have the pain, the discomfort or the disease? Would you still be you? Have you become so deeply interwoven into your experience that you actually would not [...]

Bali dreaming

2021-02-10T10:33:22+09:3023/05/2018|Self Care|

I come to Bali to heal. I feel the process begin before I arrive, in the lead up to our trip. It happens every time, and it is marked by the chaos that builds as we prepare to leave everything behind, if only for a week or two. Bali gives me [...]

The true cost of Pilates

2021-02-10T10:36:58+09:3030/03/2018|Pilates, Self Care|

Pilates is the in thing when it comes to fancy exercise options. Similar to the 'organic' food movement, Pilates is on everyones radar and most peoples wish list but it's not within everyones price range. The reason for this is simple. A fully qualified instructor, as recognised by industry standard has [...]

Tis the season to reflect

2021-02-10T11:25:35+09:3023/11/2017|Pilates, Self Care|

Whatever Christmas means to you, for most of us it's a time for reflection, for friends and family. This time of year always encourages me to reflect. And these are some of the things that come to mind when I start to put up the decorations and prepare for down time. [...]

Cross Training with Pilates

2021-02-10T11:42:05+09:3005/07/2016|Balance, Exercise, Self Care|

It's the Dry season here in the tropical North. That means we all move outdoors and enjoy the cooler nights and perfect sunny days. What a great time to move to the tune of your own song, take up a new exercise regime, join the tennis club, run the beach or [...]

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