Life translator, healer, medium and public speaker

My aim is to help people improve their lives and teach them how to accept their spirituality and accept themselves in every way. We all are spirits having a physical experience and we don’t live in a Spiritual world so we need to be balanced and that’s what I do… I translate their journey and try to help balance them so they can function to their normality of accepting oneself.

I am very fortunate to be able to surrender myself to do spiritual Healing’s, readings as a medium/clairvoyant, numerology , palmistry, tarot energy readings , house clearances, house energy balances, children career guidance, spiritual journey’s tour guide to many different spiritual destinations around the world.”

– Selva Dutton

Living in two Worlds in harmony

To be a spiritual worker is a wonderful thing. But we need to remember that the World is not all Spiritual, there are many walking this Earth that choose not to connect to spirit and that is OK as we all need to live the life that we are meant to live.

We are all the same. We just have different beliefs, we all have choices in our journey of Life. People that are meant to connect will be exposed to that opportunity, but they also have free will and they will choose whatever they feel is right for them. If you choose to connect to Spirit remember it is your Journey and yours alone, the people that are meant to be in your journey will join you at the right time so therefore we must never force our beliefs onto others, we can share them and allow them to decide. This does not make people right or wrong, as we need all kinds of people in the world, we just have to learn to co-live with everyone.