Learning is the epitome of living. Every day I take home something new from a client, a fellow instructor or from movement patterns I realise in my own body. And every day I give thanks to how lucky I am to have found a profession that I am more passionate about every day, one that encourages me to push my intellectual boundaries and one that, by nature fulfils my body with the need to stay strong and healthy.

This year I am embarking on some new study. I am already certified with a company that I hold the utmost respect for. My original school of Pilates gave me the foundation and the tools to begin this lifelong career. They gave me the strength, the understanding and the confidence to get out into the World and become the best instructor I could possibly be with the tools I had.

From there I have travelled to all corners of the World, had my nose deep in books, taken part in online workshops and worked consistently on my own practice to be the best I can be in this field of Pilates. I have a thirst for knowledge that is never satisfied and forever lingering.

This year I am taking some time out to refocus on my own body by completing another Diploma in Pilates with a different company. They are equally well respected in the industry and I am enjoying meeting new peers, being inspired by educators and inquized by students of the method old and new. I especially love seeing completely new students go through the wonderful transition as they grow into instructors.

Putting aside time each week for the required study is refreshing and invigorating. A stark reminder that I truly am a fortunate girl, to have fallen into a lifelong passion that became my profession. Forever a student, an apprentice to an ever evolving industry.

Knowledge is life, and life is good!