4 ingredient chia seed pudding


Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food - Hipocrates This chia seed pudding is super easy and super duper tasty. I made it for my women at our day retreat recently and it was a real hit so as promised I am sharing this recipe. As with everything [...]

Why you can’t beet a root

2022-04-20T18:05:38+09:3020/04/2022|Recipes, Uncategorized|

Breathe properly, stay curious and eat your beets - Tom Robbins What comes to mind when you think of beetroot? Earth - dirt - stained tablecloth - purple juice. How about chocolate? Now before you swipe that thought from your mind let's have another think about it. Doesn't cacao have that [...]

Ketogenic pumpkin loaf

2021-10-18T20:56:05+09:3018/10/2021|Healing, Recipes|

Keto Pumpkin Loaf “Inflammation ages you from the inside out by eating away at your telomeres, the caps protecting the ends of your chromosomes. Every time a chromosome divides, its telomere shortens. So telomere length is not only a sign of how old you are, but also a measure of how [...]

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