Whilst many of our clients come to us for pain and injury management, Pilates is also an awesome way to gain and maintain fitness.

Working on the spring loaded machines means that even in a group class we can cater to the individuals goals. Pilates machines are known to develop long, lean, functional strength and flexibility, leaving clients with a balanced structure that is strong, long and beautifully built.

Up until now Encore Pilates has definitely focussed more on the rehabilitation aspects that Pilates promises. Mainly because that is what I am passionate about. I came from a sporting background and ended up injured. The story is old hat for many Pilates practitioners. We find Pilates, it heals us and we want to share it.

I enjoy nothing more than seeing a broken body walk in the door and walk out from a session, on the road to recovery. Education and proper training is a gift that I share with clients every day of my life and it is a journey I love to share with them. The road to recovery can be long and bumpy, with regressions and plateaus. But our clients leave the studio knowing that they are in expert hands as far as movement rehabilitation is concerned.

As the studio evolves and we have more instructors on board, we are now ready to expand into the World of Pilates for fitness aka reformer fitness. Not all instructors are born with the desire to heal people. Some love the purity of the movement involved and want to share the joy of movement. In truth I have shied away from fitness Pilates for one main reason. I value the rigorous education process that we go through as movement therapists and I honour the true evolution of Joseph Pilates’ work. Unfortunately there are too many studios out there with poorly trained instructors hiding behind a veil of money hungry, business savvy schools who are happy to churn out Pilates instructors in little more than a weekend of training. These studios have excessive numbers in their classes, with no way to teach correct technique nor the precision that the work was intended for.

In my view, anyone can go and smash themselves with mindless movement, but Pilates as an industry must continue to set itself apart from that herd. We are pioneers of intelligent movement therapy and I know first hand the money and time that I sink into my continued education. I also realise that due to the dollar outlay to produce quality instructors, our classes are often cost prohibitive to the greater community – enter mindless movement.

So I am committing our studio to reformer fitness classes. Most people have heard of them and loads of people are doing them. The difference with ours is this: Not only are we the first studio to offer Pilates for fitness on the machines aka reformer fitness, our instructors are also the most highly trained professionals in Northern Australia. I never set out to be the biggest. I only have one goal in mind for the future of this studio and that is to always, always be the best. And the best involves evolution and continual development. So here we are, reaching out to a wider audience whilst never compromising on quality.

Check out our coming schedule for Fitness Pilates and be ready for some amazing introductory specials that will have you dancing for more!