I love nature, I always have had a huge respect for her and I know she is the power within all of us.

Working with nature to heal and to grow make complete sense to me and its the first place I look when I am in need.

In my quest for continued abundant health I have found doTERRA. I started using these oils seriously about 12 months ago when life threw me a curve ball.

I was burnt out, strung out and in so much pain I could hardly get myself to the doctor. I had spent 2 weeks between bed and a warm bath and I had pain in my pelvis that was keeping me up all night. The only thing that was helping me rest was a hot bath and meditation so I started looking for answers.

I booked in to an integrative doctor for a pap smear and pelvic examination and was briskly whisked off for internal ultrasounds with the big C being whispered in hushed tones that filled my every waking thought.

It wasn’t so much the fear of cancer that sent me reeling (although those words definitely made me assess my very being), but the approach to ‘healing’ that these medical professionals were speaking of just didn’t sit right with me.

When I asked about diet and lifestyle, meditation and detoxification, I was met with blank stares and handed pamphlets filled with ‘options’ that included invasive surgeries, toxic interactions and barbaric practices. The words laproscotomy felt synonymous with interventions I wasn’t willing to partake in.

Following one ultrasound that was really done out of fear and a misguided attempt to find someone who spoke my language, I returned home, still in pain and with a lack of support that instilled more fear than I had ever registered. I felt alone and unheard, but that fear gave me determination and it lit a spark in me to fuel my ability to self heal.

Enter doTERRA Oil. I spent the next few days meditating, reading blogs (thats right, they weren’t medical facts) from people who had chosen the path that resonated with me. Now I’m not advocating that my choices are the only way. What I learnt very quickly was that this was a very personal choice and one that was going to affect my family. One thing I knew was that I had to be absolutely certain that the path I was taking was the right one for all of us.

I went on a strict detoxification diet of organic anti inflammatory vegetables and took 1 drop of doTERRA Frankincense oil under my tongue 3 x a day. I meditated for 2 hours a day on our Biomat and eliminated as much stress out of my life as possible. I learnt how to deal with what brought my health to a standstill.

The stress elimination was not easy. Having been told I may have ovarian cancer was one of the most stressful sentences anyone has ever relayed to me. On top of that, we were relocating my business, I had just fired an employee and it was 2 weeks before Christmas. I was so highly strung I literally felts like I was going to combust.

I bathed my body in fractionated coconut oil, Lavender Peace and Frankincense and I let my body begin to heal. I sat with my dis-ease and looked it right in the eye, I could see the colour and the shape of it deep inside my pelvis. I made peace with that dis-ease and I let go of the fear that had manifested.

I could hear my body telling me that I needed to slow down, to listen and to make amends. I knew that my body had the power to heal if I gave it sustenance. I could feel that my body was toxic from stress and over work and poor lifestyle choices and I knew 100% that I could make those changes needed to recover.

Within 3 weeks of making the choice to heal, I could feel my body respond. I could feel the pain easing from so deep in my body that my hands couldn’t reach the hurt. I could feel the fear that resided with that pain start to ease and it was replaced by happiness and love. I knew that I still had a long road to recovery but I was learning to listen to my body and I could hear it heal.

12 months later and doTERRA essential oils are my daily go to. I nourish my skin and hair with them, I use them to help me sleep, to awaken my senses, and I fill my workplace with their scent because I know and trust their powers.

As with Pilates, I have found essential oils through a journey of self help and now I am on a path to share their wonders. I do not say this lightly. I have spent the better part of 10 years perfecting my trade in movement and creating trust in the work I do. And I have taken 12 months of seriously incorporating these oils into my own life before I chose to share them with you.

If you want to explore the power of plant oils you will find a range available in studio or you can explore the amazing products that doTERRA offer in my online shop here.