When meditation is mastered

And how consistent meditation practice can improve your life Meditation has guided me since I was 14 years old. My Mum introduced me with a weekend course and the practice has woven through my life as one of my greatest influencers, my most consistent practices, my most fulfilling experiences. At the time I didn’t realise the gift my mother shared. In fact I distinctly remember sitting [...]

Happy Birthday to Encore Pilates!!

14 years and counting... Happy Birthday to us! This month Encore Pilates turns 14 years old! I remember when we were coming towards our 10th year and it felt like such a milestone. Now, every year thereafter feels like a blessing. What a ride, what a journey – if someone had given me a sneak preview of where we would be today I wouldn’t believe it [...]

Why Inflammation is beating you

And when to say no to alcohol… Let’s say you fall over and fracture a bone or ‘pull’ a muscle. Your body is sore and tender and you don’t want to put any weight on it – an indication of the area being inflamed. The experience sucked (no doubt) so you go home, pop a couple of pills and wash it down with a glass of [...]

Why Social Media is Toxic

Do you ever find yourself in a scroll time warp? Do you have to make a conscious effort NOT to open your social media channel? Do you jump on ‘just to post a quick pic’ and then realise you’ve been scrolling mindlessly for 15, 20, 30 minutes or more? Well, you’ll be relieved to know that you are not alone! Social media addiction is real and [...]

How We Learn New Movement Skills

A major part of a Pilates Instructors’ job (and of many other practitioners in different physical movement fields) is to identify weaker or imbalanced movement patterns, across the whole body, in all different directions (or ranges of motion) and prescribe certain exercises or movements to help teach a client’s body to learn better ones. This might mean teaching, training or retraining a client, (including their [...]

Finding the right Pilates studio for you

As a teacher of teachers I travel interstate to share my knowledge and to create strong, informed communities of Pilates professionals. I meet such amazing, inspiring educators everywhere I go. The level of expertise is refreshing, the desire to learn and do good by our industry is humbling and everywhere I go there are pockets of studios who are paving the way for a bright future [...]

The emotion of pain

Is it possible to identify with your pain so intimately that it becomes a part of your identity? What would happen if you didn’t have the pain, the discomfort or the disease? Would you still be you? Have you become so deeply interwoven into your experience that you actually would not let it go? This is an extremely difficult, sensitive and taboo conversation, and not one [...]

Pilates, Posture, and Wonkiness

Definition: Wonky/ 'wonki'/ adjective not straight; crooked or askew synonyms: crooked, off centre, lopsided, askew, skew, skew-whiff (of a thing), unsteady, shaky, unstable, rocky, not functioning correctly; faulty. "I enjoy good health apart from my wonky knees". Definition: Posture/ ' posta'/ noun the position in which someone holds their body when sitting or standing synonyms: position, pose, attitude, stance, particular approach or attitude, attitude, stance, [...]

Pilates for Heart Health

It’s Happy Heart month! February – the month when everyone’s hearts are a flutter with roses and chocolates and vows of true love (or possibly feeling like it’s been run over by a stampede of elephants then left to die and wither alone). Either way it is a wonderful time to raise issues of heart health to ensure this year’s Valentines are in fact fluttering [...]

How Glutes work and why they are so important!

Goldisocks and the 3 Glutes My clients know my love affair with good strong glutes and how much the ‘I found them’ face in a particular Pilates exercise makes my day. Besides keeping their butts toned and strong, and filling up the back of their pants, this work also helps them to stand, walk and run in the best way they can. It also means that [...]

We love to teach you how to move your body and stimulate your brain. Not in Darwin? No problem. Pilates classes created by our master trainer Katie Crane are now available online for you to follow at home, wherever you live.

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