Contract Terms & Conditions

Contracts apply to those clients who have entered into an agreement where their visits are direct-debited on a monthly (for studio) or weekly (group class) basis. In 2020 all of our contracts are for 6 months except for VIP which is a 12 month subscription.

Registration Fee

Contracts incur a one-off $165 registration fee. This fee covers the member for access to VIP subscription and is non-refundable, non-transferrable.

Renewal & Rollover

Contracts automatically renew after the initial period (i.e. 6 months) and client will receive a reminder from Mindbody that the contract is about to roll over.

If you choose to roll over the contract after the first term you will be grandfathered the price you are currently paying. This means that even if we have a price rise or if we stop selling that particular contract, it will still be offered to you at the same price as long as you choose to rollover.

If the client rolls over they will not incur another $165 fee. This is a one off payment and will keep you in VIP Lounge for the entirety of their contract or for 12 months from the start date of the first contract, which ever is longer.

If the client chooses not to roll over after the initial term of the contract ie (i.e. 6 months), you will still have access to VIP Lounge for the first 12 months total.

If the client chooses not to roll over after the initial term you must give us notice in writing a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the automatic rollover date.

Once the contract rolls over it will generate a new term that is equal to the initial term (i.e. 6 months).

How to Purchase & Manage your Contract

A copy of the contract is available on the Mindbody desktop version. Clients can login using their email go to MY ACCOUNT > scroll down to name of contract > VIEW.

A contract can be purchased online in the desktop version of Mindbody > SHOP > CONTRACTS/PACKAGES or on the app > AUTOPAY. You must be logged in to purchase.

A client can request to change to a different contract at any stage in which case the current contract will be terminated and a new contract will be signed for a full term form the date of change over.

A contract can be suspended for leave. Leave can be requested in writing to [email protected] at a minimum of 1 week prior to the leave dates. Clients should take into account payment dates and request leave at least 1 week prior to a payment is automatically debited relative to the leave requested. In the event of contract suspension, the contract end date will then move to allow for completion of the term (i.e. a 6 month contract that is suspended for 1 month will take 7 months to complete so that the full payment terms are debited).

Changes & Cancellation

Contracts can not be transferred or refunded. A cancellation fee of $165 will be incurred if you can not fulfill the remainder of your contract due to relocation.

Services can not be transferred (i.e. a reformer contract does not allow for semi private attendance or vice versa).

In the event of injury, clients on group class can suspend the contract and purchase a studio semi private pack to use for rehabilitation until you are well enough to return to group class where the contract will come out of suspension and the term completed.

More Info

Contract members are encouraged to join the Facebook group VIP Lounge under @encorepilatesandwellness and are invited to accept our marketing emails for up to date news and offers.

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