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Comprehensive teacher training that will set you up for a successful and fulfilling career in the Pilates and movement industry. Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing skills or seeking a new career path in the movement industry, our courses are highly regarded Nationally and Internationally and recognised by industry bodies. Our students complete the courses with the skills, knowledge and confidence to reach their highest potential.

Want to enrol in Instructor Training or attend a Pilates workshop?

Mat and Reformer Certificate

This certificate is a minimum requirement for employment in the Pilates industry as a mat and reformer instructor.

200 hour course over 4 modules that will teach you

  • exercise repertoire
  • how to deliver a class
  • modifications and advancements
  • basic exercise prescription for common injuries.

The Pilates Reformer and Mat Course is a great starting point for Exercise Physiologists, Exercise Scientists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Osteopaths wanting to incorporate the Pilates Reformer into their rehabilitation and exercise practice. It is also suitable for those people wanting to transit from a gym setting, yoga teaching scenario to group Pilates classes.

200 hours include 80 hours workshop and approx. 120 hours self practice, study and practice teaching.

Diploma in Pilates Movement Therapy 10567NAT

700 hour course over 10 modules that will lead to a career in the Pilates industry with a focus on exercise prescription for common injuries and pain management.

A comprehensive course that covers all Pilates equipment including reformer, Cadillac, chair, barrels and mat.

Work with low-to-medium risk clients in a one-on-one studio (equipment-based) or group setting. The course is designed to teach the theoretical and historical basis of the Pilates Method and prepare students to work safely and professionally with confidence. The aim is for students to become proficient at teaching a variety of traditional and contemporary interpretations of the Pilates Method repertoire, with an understanding of the methodology necessary to modify it for use by clientele with a wide variety of pathologies, conditions and specific needs.

Workshops - Anatomy Dimensions

Anatomy Dimensions tutorials are aimed at improving anatomical and pathological understanding for body movement professionals of all experience levels. These courses are ideal for teachers working in disciplines such as pilates, yoga, personal training, exercise science , physiotherapy, osteopathy and musculoskeletal therapy.

Anatomy Dimensions tutorials are designed to help students develop application and critical analysis of movement towards specific problems that would appear in a studio setting.

Anatomy Dimensions include:

  • Spine, Torso and Breath
  • Shoulder complex
  • Lower Limb. Pelvis to Feet
  • Head, Neck and Jaw
  • Cueing and Programming

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