Living Hormoniously: Teen Kweens

Encore Pilates & Wellness Studio Darwin 47 Stuart Hwy, Stuart Park NT 0820, Australia


Living Hormoniously Teen Kweens! A two hour course creating a powerful platform of positivity and proud ownership of the natural machinations of the female body; a super informative, fun and cheeky space of learning and growing for young women aged 13 – 16 at the beginning of their menstrual journey. Covering basics of anatomy and physiology, self-care, fundamentals of nutrition, body movement and breathing techniques to iron out the ups and downs, bad jokes, good connection, coping mechanisms to assist with the intensity of this dynamic time, moon-mapping, confidence-building and so much more.
Empowering girls through awareness and education, to be proud young superwomen standing strong in self-respect and deep understanding of themselves. Young women who expect, as well as deliver, a high standard of conversation around and treatment of their own bodies – physically, mentally and emotionally. This is the true sass!

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