Your first step to becoming a

Pilates Professional

The most valuable step towards teaching Pilates

STARTS JULY 27, 2024

  • Industry Recognised by Pilates Association of Australia
  • Structured learning program
  • A supportive, encouraging environment
  • Opportunity to learn from the leaders
  • Face to face presentations and hands on learning
  • Online portal with online classroom
  • 100% employment success rate
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The Pilates reformer & mat repertoire in its entirety from the fundamental pre pilates movements to the most challenging exercises. Access your exercises in our virtual classroom, engage with your mentor in person, practice with your peers.


We understand the importance of relevant, applicable learning concepts to help you advance at a rate that works for you. You have access to our complete learning platform from day one, guided by your expert mentor and available anywhere, anytime


Becoming the teacher of your dreams takes a huge leap of faith.
Don’t go at it alone. Learning is better with others. Learning is better with us. 


The hardest part of becoming a Pilates professional is knowing how to start

Don’t start alone. We work with you from day one for you to achieve your dreams

By learning you will teach; by teaching you will learn

Thinking of becoming a Pilates Professional? Learn from the leaders today.

What happens next?

  • Sign up to the program
  • Access your online learning portal anywhere, anytime
  • Attend our face to face workshops with our master trainer
  • Book in to reformer classes with your 6 month membership included in the program
  • You’re on your way to becoming a Pilates professional!

The Encore Pilates Philosophy

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The body speaks to us in a way the voice can not be heard and as teachers we listen with our eyes and instruct with our intuition, guided by the movement we already know.
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May the gift of teaching be the act that fills the hearts of those you meet and may the lessons you learn be the steps to your greatest achievements.
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Teaching Pilates is a life skill that takes time to master and a master to learn from. 
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Your achievements can only be attained by you but I will be your loudest cheerleader, your greatest support and your strongest advocate
” Katie has been so supportive as a mentor. Her knowledge is inspiring and her commitment to us as students went beyond my expectations”

Join an ever growing community of Pilates professionals!


Our students become our community from day one.

Student mentors are here for you to succeed and we are accessible 7 days a week virtually.

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Why Choose Pilates Pro Academy?

  • Face to face mentoring is the only way to learn
  • Get hands on from day one
  • Have access to the studio 7 days a week
  • Supportive mentors with decades of teacher training experience
  • Industry recognised nationally and globally
  • Work with confidence anywhere
  • 100% workplace success

What does teacher training look like?

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Do you have questions? Let us guide you.

We are here to help answer all your Pilates questions.