Improving your movement with Pilates

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The most valuable step in your Pilates Journey

  • Postural and health history assessment
  • Personalised care with expert staff
  • A proven approach to better health
  • Empowering you to reach your goals
  • Ongoing support with actionable steps
  • Recommended by health care professionals
  • Over 15 years teaching and rehab experience


Understand your body so that you can make long term changes that last. No more relying on someone else to fix your issues. Take control of your own health through education


Actionable steps that you can practice every day, creating better movement patterns. Take what you learn in studio and apply it to your daily tasks so that you can reach your goals.


Pilates will change your life and teach you to love movement in a unique way. Good movement feels great and the benefits are felt in your body, mind and spirit.


Your Pilates Journey Starts Right Now

You will receive digital confirmation of your appointment and you can access your schedule on our app or speak to one of our friendly staff over the phone any time you need a hand. Our integrative email will keep you up to date with what is happening in studio and we are even available for virtual classes when you are out of town.
Every step of the way, your experience is catered to you so that you keep moving towards your goals.

From the moment you book with us, you have our support!

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What are the first steps?

  • The initial assessment is where you meet your teacher and set your goals
  • This will include a postural assessment, a health report, in studio exercises and at home practice tasks
  • Your teacher will work with you to make a plan on moving forwards
  • You will understand what stream of service is best for your needs so that you succeed
  • You receive a text or email reminder before your appointments to keep you on track
  • Your program is based on your current health status, your ability and your goals

The Encore Pilates Philosophy

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We are born to move, yet many of us live our lives in discomfort, pain and disharmony with our own body. If we know how to move better, with more ease, our life is filled with more joy and we are empowered to live better.
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We don’t believe the catch phrase “no pain no gain”. If your body is in pain, you need to stop, listen and learn. Movement should be joyful, fun and rewarding and we are here to teach you how.
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Pilates is a journey and we will share our expertise, passion and knowledge with you to help you create a better life through good movement and better health practices.
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The journey to better movement is a path we will walk together but the first step starts with you.
” This is the first exercise regime I have ever enjoyed in my life. I absolutely love Pilates with Katie. Her knowledge is amazing. I could listen to her for hours”

From the moment you book with us, you have our support!


Our community are our family and your goals are our goals too.

We are open 7 days a week and we are committed to you.

Our friendly staff are here to help in studio and virtually.

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Why Choose Pilates

  • Pilates is recommended for pain, injury, ageing gracefully, disease management & rehabilitative support
  • Get ready for the ultimate experience that will change your your body through movement
  • Offering you the best possible experience in a supportive environment with state of the art, specialised equipment
  • Learn to move better, get rid of aches and pains and be able to perform to your body’s greatest potential
  • Give back to yourself, be kind to your body and nourish your soul with good movement practice
  • Educating you with the latest in scientific developments for movement practice and adopting the best approach to your body’s needs

Hear about Sue’s Pilates journey recovering
from two hip replacements.

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Do you have questions? Let us guide you.

We are here to help answer all your Pilates questions.