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Pilates for injury care

Pilates for injury care

If you are looking for the services from a physiotherapist, whilst wanting the benefits of Pilates, our clinical Pilates sessions are the way forward. A mixture of manual and movement therapy, clinical Pilates might be the next step for you.

As of February 2016 we have enlisted the services of a physiotherapist with clinical Pilates certification.

Jaye qualified as a physiotherapist at Curtin University in Perth in 1999. Since then she has gained a wealth of experience in Australia and the UK, working in hospitals and outpatient clinics, in a wide variety of physiotherapy clinical areas.

Jaye began her own Pilates journey in 2012 and quickly noticed improvements in her strength, flexibility and her own longstanding back pain. She soon realised the value of the Pilates concept in injury management and prevention. Subsequently, Jaye has been incorporating Pilates exercises into her treatment programs for her physiotherapy clients.

Jaye has undertaken a Clinical Pilates course at DMA with Craig Phillips and uses his innovative approach of assessment and client specific exercise selection to achieve optimal outcomes.

Jaye has an interest in:

• chronic (longstanding) back pain
• postural related pain and dysfunction
• osteoporosis
• falls prevention and balance training
• respiratory dysfunction
• exercise for general health and well-being

Jayes services are rebatable from your health provider under physiotherapy.

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